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The world has changed drastically over the last sixty-five years since Hatch first began. The challenges facing us are more complex than ever before and the way in which companies respond to these challenges has changed. In turn, the expectations of firms like Hatch have transformed.

We are confronting unprecedented times. Your businesses are facing new risks. Now more than ever, we are all being asked to step up and embrace a new normal. It will require swift and proactive decision-making, embracing change and adaptability, fostering open-mindedness and innovation, prioritizing connectivity and collaboration, and being prepared to expand our horizons. While we rely on our incredible legacy and on our global network of 9,000 professionals to work on solutions for a better future, we look to leaders for the definition, strategies, and action plans for success.

One thing is certain: change is inevitable. But whatever the future may bring, we are ready to take on whatever the next few decades have in store–for us, our clients, and our communities. We thank you for your support during the last sixty-five years and we look forward to serving you for another sixty-five, and beyond!


Celebrating 65 years

The world has changed

Tackling the toughest challenges

We are in an era of global transition. There is an overwhelming sense of urgency. The fight against climate change and limited resources is driving us to act and invest in new ways. The clock is ticking and the timeline for meeting such challenges is fast-approaching. We need to raise our awareness and build for the future with our people, our planet, and effective investment in mind. The good news is, we can. The future is now. Communities and industry experts will need to join forces and demonstrate the leadership that’s required to build the world we want and can sustain. Tackling the challenges our world is facing now and will continue to face in the future will require solutions that are bold, innovative, and challenge the status quo.

Bold leadership will steer us into the future
by Martin Doble

The world in 1955, when Hatch was founded, was a very different place than it is today.

Food Accessibility—transforming how we think about food
by Mike Fedoroff

There are many things in life we take for granted, but food should not be one of them.

Overcoming obstacles to find opportunities in climate change
by Susan McGeachie

Climate change has become one of the world’s toughest challenges and decisive action must be taken now.

Our problems have changed

Community leadership and sustainability

When it comes to tackling the new challenges our world is facing, the road to success isn’t an easy one. It’s a multi-player puzzle that requires unity, collaboration, and community leadership in the pursuit of sustainable solutions. In addition to the changes the world is facing, each community has issues relevant to them. As business leaders, we are recognizing that the long-term health and resilience of our industries is directly tied to our support of our people, our local communities, and the environment.

Engaging with our community is a key ingredient in understanding how our problems have changed. Companies are formally starting to think about and change how they impact the world around them. But social responsibility should be deeply integrated not only as a corporate initiative, but as a genuine step towards positive change. It is incumbent to perform social due diligence and recognize that social and cultural practices play a vital role in a project’s success. Because each project’s success is ultimately our world’s success.

Local community development is changing the future of our industries
by Craig Simmer

Companies are formally starting to think about and change how they impact the world around them.

More than a checklist—the role of meaningful community engagement
by Chelsie Klassen

What was once looked upon as a philanthropic effort is now recognized as core to a strong business model.

Unlocking a sustainable energy mix with nuclear
by Amar Jolly

The major issues facing the world share one thing in common: a need for access to sustainable and reliable power.

We have changed

Holistic problem-solving

A positive future requires positive change. Innovations in technology are transforming the ways we imagine and build infrastructure. We are seeing a global embrace of renewable power sources. We are committed to improved sustainability practices and reducing our carbon footprint. We help clients through transitions by combining technical expertise with tested management consulting approaches.

Adapting to change has required us to change. Today, we are applying what we have learned yesterday. We have developed holistic problem-solving that allows us to highlight the magnitude of improved productivity, stronger environmental compliance, greater safety outcomes, and digitalization—opportunities for a better world.

The world is changing—and so is the role of advisory
by Markus Rebman

Today’s world is riddled with highly complex and intricate systems that are changing rapidly.

Urban planning with holistic problem-solving in mind
by Lauren Newby

By 2050, 7 billion people will live in cities so how will we balance living standards with transportation, food, water, and sanitation.

On the path to digitalization—How the mining industry is adapting to change
by Jeanne Els

Mining needs new and diverse skills to take advantage of digitalization and contribute positively to this changing world.

The world has changed

Tackling the toughest challenges

Our problems have changed

Community leadership and sustainability

We have changed

Holistic problem-solving